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The vision of the Redemption Hill Church Residency

The Redemption Hill Church Leadership Residency is designed to help aspiring leaders identify and clarify their call to “make disciples” and intentionally prepares both leaders and lay servants for new missional opportunities, within Redemption Hill Church and beyond. If you sense God’s call to move into a deeper commitment to discipling others and a desire to discover and hone your leadership skills, consider how joining Redemption Hill Church's Leadership Journey might be the first step onto the path that leads you to that place of service.

Content and Rhythms

Redemption Hill Church’s Leadership Journey is a multi-tiered process of Leadership Development. Each phase of development will include challenging biblical content that encourages holistic training, integrating a “head, heart, and hands” application of learning.  Course Moderators will lead weekly online and/or in-person training. Each level of training will include assignments that stretch participants by building their Biblical knowledge as well as inspiring and motivating them to move into a deeper relationship with God and people.

Path and Process

Each level of Residency training will explore content through materials that are contextualized to the Applicant’s calling and progress:

Trail #1 is The Base Camp Trail: a 10-week Journey and the first development series in the RHC Leadership Journey. It’s suitable for all interested participants.

Trail #2 is The 2-2-2 Ascent Trail: this is a 22-week commitment for those desiring a deeper dive into disciple-making principles.

Trail #3 is The Section 3-1 Trail: during this 22-week development series, participants will continue building their disciple-making knowledge and skills as well as investigating principles of developing a disciple-making culture in a ministry setting.

Trail #4 is The Go-2819 Trail: specifically designed for those feeling called into full-time ministry leadership. 


Redemption Hill Church Leadership Journey FAQ

Who can be part of this Residency? Any adult member of Redemption Hill Church seeking to grow as a leader or a disciple-maker should pray about taking this journey.


What is the time commitment for this Residency? As with any developmental tool, it will take a commitment of time and energy to get the most out of the process. Each Trail will have its own unique demands. Participants can expect to spend anywhere from one to four hours per week on assignments.

What is the cost of this Residency? The Redemption Hill Church Leadership Journey is free for all Redemption Hill Church Members. The currency you invest is the time spent preparing for and participating in lessons, the effort you spend completing all assignments, and the fellowship you give to fellow travelers as you grow together.

Can I stop and start this Journey at any time? This Journey is based upon a semester system and will begin and end based upon a fall/spring semester schedule. The first Base Camp Trail will launch in September 2021.

Outside of meeting times, am I alone in this process? The Redemption Hill Church Trail Guide Team will walk with you through this Journey. The Trail Guide Team will act as Coaches, Guides, and Encouragers through regular Gear Check-Ups and specifically at Overlooks designed to evaluate personal progress along every trail.

How can I join this Residency? Each section of the Redemption Hill Church Leadership Journey will require an Application Process online at rhccs.org or through the RHC office at 124 Delaware Drive, Colorado Springs, CO

 Any questions can be sent to Al Barrera, our Redemption Hill Church Residency Director at abarrera@rhccs.org.