• Dr. Mike Routt

Young at Heart Class Is Making a Difference!

I praise GOD for our Young at Heart Bible Study class at Circle Drive.  They don't just come to class on Sunday mornings to enjoy breakfast and an engaging Bible Study, because they are also externally focused.  This class gets it:  reach in and reach out.

Recently the Young at Heart Bible Study class had a campaign to raise money for Baptist Global Response, a ministry that is reaching out to people in need around the world.  This emphasis is not a first.  Their outreach is ongoing, as they adopt a specific assignment, and set out to meet a need in our community and our world.

With their Baptist Global Response emphasis, Young at Heart raised $400.00 for BGR.  With this, they purchased 40 chickens and 1 cow with the money, which will make a significant difference in the lives of those who receive them.  We so often take for granted what we have.  But people "out there" have little or nothing.  These gifts will be huge for some families.

I praise our great GOD for the example the Young at Heart Bible study class sets.  They are reaching in, equipping believers to live the Christian life, but they are also reaching out, looking beyond their own needs, to meet the needs of others.  Thank you so much, Larry and Kathy Akers, for leading your class to fulfill the Great Commission!


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