• Dr. Mike Routt

White Christmas 2017

Our Circle Drive family is once again participating in "White Christmas."  Every year we reach out to families in our community by providing them with a box of groceries for the Christmas season.  Our church family readily embraces this opportunity because two of our core values are generosity and loving/serving people.

White Christmas 2017 is this Sunday morning, December 17.  Be sure to bring non-perishable groceries in a white paper sack or wrapped in white tissue paper.  We will have the opportunity at the end of the worship service to bring our non-perishable gifts and place them on the altar.  If you cannot bring non-perishables, but would like to participate, then you can place cash in an offering plate that will be located at the center of the altar.  Perishable goods, such as meat, eggs, milk, bread, etc., will be purchased after the worship service.

We have teams who will deliver the "White Christmas" boxes to people in the afternoon!  So let's be the "church" by being extravagantly generous to meet the needs of others during this Christmas season!  GOD provides us with yet another opportunity to show His love to a "watching world."

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