• Dr. Mike Routt

Traveling Days Are Over

"When traveling days are over" is a line in the hymn, "When We All Get To Heaven."  "Not a shadow, not a sigh."

Literally, my "traveling days are over."  For the past month, "traveling days" has been my theme.  First, Kathy and I traveled to a special event in Richmond, Virginia, to support our first born daughter, and celebrate an important milestone in her spiritual pilgrimage.

I arrived home late Thursday, and then set out early Saturday morning for Nashville and the Executive Committee meeting.  It was more of a somber meeting, as IMB president David Platt announced that 600-800 missionaries would have to come home due to insufficient funding.  We also dealt with several referrals from the June SBC Convention.  During our time together, we also heard reports from the presidents of all of our institutions and agencies, as well as approving a resolution for the retiring Alaska Executive Director, Michael Procter, and receiving up to date financial reports.

Then Joel Taylor and I flew to Sub-Sahara Africa to continue to reach out to our unengaged, unreached people group.  GOD gave us wonderful weather - although hot - and opened new doors of opportunity, and well as continuing the cultivation of relationship with other village chief and people.

On Monday, I flew to Twin Falls, Idaho, to represent the Executive Committee at the annual meeting of the Utah-Idaho State Convention.  I had the privilege of bringing the keynote message on "Missions Night" on Monday.  On Tuesday, I shared with the messengers an update from our Executive Committee.  I truly enjoyed my visit, and even got to take a few pictures of the Snake River Canyon, which Evel Knievel attempted to cross on a motorcycle in 1974.

So my "traveling days are over."  Thrilled to be home.  Grateful to GOD for all of these opportunities.  Looking forward to the exciting days GOD has in store for us who are His people called "Circle Drive!"

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