• Dr. Mike Routt


I vividly remember my summer visits to my grandparents farm when I was growing up. Fishing and swimming in the creek that ran adjacent to their northern border. Running or walking through the trails in "the woods." Riding a tractor. Bailing and hauling alfalfa. Milking Guernsey and Holstein cattle. Sometimes, on a hot and humid summer day, a sudden thunderstorm would develop and "move in" while I was at the creek, in the woods, or playing in the field. I would see the storm quickly "roll in," and would run back to my grandparents farmhouse, seeking the shelter of the front porch, watching the lightening, listening to the loud thunder, and seeing the heavy rain come down in "sheets."

The word "storm" is defined in a dictionary as a disturbance of the normal condition of the atmosphere, manifesting itself by winds of unusual force or direction, often accompanied by rain, snow, hail, thunder, and lightning.

The word “storm” is used in the Christian context to denote a trial or a crisis that arises which arouses anxiety and elevates fear. We've often heard the phrase "the storms of life." Well, the corona virus is a storm – a very, very, very big one! Like a summer thunderstorm, it came out of "nowhere," catching all of us "off guard."

In the next six weeks, we are launching a new message series titled "The Storm." In this series, messages will focus on how our relationship with GOD makes all the difference in the world when we encounter the "storms of life." Proposed titles include "Navigating Uncharted Waters," "Faith in the Midst of the Storm," "Navigating Through Crisis," "Victory through the Storm," etc.

Be sure to join us via live stream this Sunday morning at 10:15 a.m. for the message titled "Conquering the Storm of Anxiety." Corona virus definitely has "poked" the bear called "anxiety" in the lives of many followers of JESUS. In this message, GOD's Word will provide the way for us to conquer the anxieties in our lives produced by the corona virus storm. There is nothing quite like experiencing the peace of JESUS CHRIST when the storm is raging all around us! Join us Sunday morning!


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