• Dr. Mike Routt


Yesterday was professional assistant's day across our nation. So I wanted to take the opportunity today to express my gratitude to GOD for those who serve JESUS and our church family at Redemption Hill.

Lori Cantwell serves as administrative assistant to the lead pastor. Sue Kellner is our business office administrative assistant. Jessica Husted is our communications director.

These women are difference-makers. They love JESUS and they love the church family they serve. They do not consider their positions as "jobs," but see them as ministries.

What can we say? First and foremost, our professional assistants manifest a genuine love for JESUS and a faithful walk with GOD. They possess a sincere humility and demonstrate godly Christian character. Second, they work tirelessly. They invest so many hours into their ministries. They really desire to make a difference through all they do . Third, they serve with excellence. Their goal is to do the very best they can in whatever task they are engaged in. Fourth, they display a positive attitude. They enjoy their work, and it shows.

Our church family is incredibly blessed by the lives and ministries of Lori, Sue, and Jessica! Join with me in expressing gratitude to GOD for our professional assistants!

P. S. Today is Lori Cantwell's 12th anniversary of joining the church staff. Happy anniversary, Lori!!


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