• Dr. Mike Routt


Yes! Thank you so much for coming to our RCH Drive-Thru last night! I can't even begin to describe the joy you brought to our hearts by driving thru our parking lot, greeting our staff, and giving us the opportunity to interact with you. Our staff/leadership team got to visit with preschoolers, grade schoolers, students, young adults, married adults, and senior adults. It was such a glorious time for us as a staff to visit with those whom we love and also have the privilege and joy of serving!

We hope you women enjoyed the Mother's Day gift we presented to you! We hope you children enjoyed the bag of goodies we gave you! We hope you enjoyed the photo scavenger hunt and the goodies and gift card to Chick-fil-A!

Kathy and I are blessed with 3 of the most amazing daughters. They are all truly gifts from GOD to us. We have two wonderful sons-in-law. And we have 4 very energetic grandkids (they are all 6 years old and under) that we deeply love. They live in Asia, Texas, and California. Although we get to visit with them weekly on FaceTime, we only get to see them personally several times a year. We greatly value those moments!

Likewise, Redemption Hill is our church family! And, for our staff/leadership team, you are our spiritual family! So we want to thank you for taking the time to come last night! During this corona virus crisis, we have been separated! We have greatly missed you! Yes, we do have live stream and zoom, but those do not replace the personal interaction! You will never know how much last night meant to us!

In Romans 1:11, Paul wrote, "For I long to see you...." That phrase expresses the desire of our hearts for our spiritual family! We long to see you! We truly look forward to the day when the corona virus is "history," and we all gather once again to worship and serve JESUS together.

But let us also remember we exist as a church family to reach the unchurched - the lost. Let's pray for GOD to give us opportunities to share the good news of the gospel with those who have no hope!

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