• Dr. Mike Routt


Hurricane Harvey has produced catastrophic flooding and devastating damage in Texas.  I am so thankful our daughter, Holly, her husband, Scott, and 3-year-old Daniel have escaped both.  They live in Spring, Texas, which is a northern suburb on Houston.  Many other residents were not as fortunate.

This unfolding disaster merits both our prayerful and financial support.  Let's pray for those who have fled their homes, those who are involved in rescue efforts, and those who are providing disaster relief.

But we can also help financially.  Our denomination is internationally known for its disaster relief, earning recognition from world leaders as well as by multiple U. S. Presidents.  Our disaster relief ministry has merged compassion and innovation to respond to natural and manmade disasters.  Disaster relief teams are already on the ground in Corpus Christi and other devastated areas.  Today, units served 150,000 meals in southeast Texas.  It will rise to 350,000 meals tomorrow and even more each day to follow.  Also, Disaster Relief Teams aided 400 special needs victims evacuated from Hurricane Harvey in League City and Victoria, Texas.  Once the flood waters recede, thousands of trained disaster relief volunteers will begin "mud outs" of tens of thousands of flooded homes.

You can help by going to www.namb.net and click Harvey Relief.  Our you can text SENDRELIEF to 41444 to aid the residents of the Texas coast who are impacted by the catastrophic flooding.  Every penny will go directly to the disaster relief efforts in Texas.

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