• Dr. Mike Routt


The ministry of Ponderosa Retreat and Conference Center has impacted thousands of lives through the years, including members of Redemption Hill Church! While serving as a camp counselor for our church for Kid's Camp, I have seen first-hand the amazing things GOD has done in the lives of so many.

The corona virus has severely impacted Ponderosa economically. With camp postponements and many other cancellations, the loss in revenue has exceeded $400,000+.

In an effort to sustain the ministry through this economic crisis, Ponderosa has come up with some creative ways to minister to families and also raise revenue to sustain the camp. Please note these two opportunities:

  1. Ponderosa has opened up their Disc Golf Course for the public this weekend, June 11-13. From 10:00 am to dark, you/your group can play disc golf. They also will serve lunch from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm at a reasonable cost.

  2. Ponderosa is also taking reservations for Family Camping from June 5 to July 5. You can take your RV or your tent and enjoy the many activities the camp has to offer. Or you can rent a private room. The minimum stay is 2 nights. You also can enjoy two meals per day at a reasonable cost.

Ponderosa also needs volunteers. Annually, volunteer groups come from churches in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas to get Ponderosa ready for summer camp programs. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, all groups have cancelled. If you would be willing to assist with a number of projects and maintenance tasks, please contact Clay Young at CYoung@VisitPonderosa.com or call him at 719-481-2482, extension #18. Here is a partial list of work that needs to be done:

  1. Weed eating

  2. Mowing

  3. Brush Removal

  4. Maintenance on equipment

  5. Washing and cleaning of trucks

  6. Trouble shooting golf carts

  7. Paves placement for sidewalks

  8. Provide trencher and trench for electrical

  9. Provide chipper/mulching for playground

  10. Tree stump removal

  11. Provide materials for plant beds/landscaping

Finally, be sure to pray for the employees of Ponderosa, as they seek to provide leadership during these critical days. Please pray also for the ministry of Ponderosa to continue for years to come.

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