• Dr. Mike Routt

Report of the Convention in Columbus, Ohio

Kathy and I returned Wednesday night from the annual meeting of the SBC in Columbus, Ohio.  We, along with Stephanie Davison, Christa Hensley, and AnnaLee Stults, represented Circle Drive.

Kathy and I flew out of Denver the previous Thursday, as I was scheduled to lead the Executive Committee officer's meeting on Friday.  The officers discuss recommendations, forward them to the entire EC body, who then sends them to the convention meeting for approval.

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to participate in Crossover, an all day event which occurred across Columbus.  I served with the North Landen Church, which hosted a block party.  I had the opportunity to hand out Bibles and share the gospel.

The Pastor's Conference, which precedes the convention meeting, began on Sunday, and continued through Monday night.  This event included worship music and preaching.

On Monday, I chaired the meeting of the Executive Meeting at the Hyatt Regency Downtown hotel.  In that meeting, Tom Biles nominated me to serve a second term as EC chairman.  Since no other nominations were presented, I was re-elected to a second term by acclamation.  In our meeting, we approved 8 recommendations to be forwarded to the convention meeting.

From Tuesday morning  through Wednesday afternoon, our convention meetings were held in the Columbus Convention Center.  Reports were made, messages were preached, recommendations were approved, music worship was held, and a special emphasis was placed on revival and spiritual awakening.  This convention was one of the best I've ever attended.

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