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This Sunday our church will provide a free copy of "Quick Answers To Social Issues" to every single adult (18 years and older) and each family (one copy per family) in attendance. Next week, members who view our public worship on-line can stop by the church building to secure their copy.

Recently, our associate pastor of ministry, Christopher Davison, and his family recommended the book as a valuable resource to all of the "hot-button" issues we face in our culture. They loaned me a copy to review. I was very impressed! The book addresses issues such as "The Neutrality Myth," "Be 'tolerant' or else," "How can you believe the Bible?," "Isn't abortion about a woman's legal right to choose?," "Shouldn't people have the right to die?," "Doesn't the Bible condone slavery?", "Isn't the Bible sexist?", "What's the origin and definition of marriage?", Why do Christians pick and choose from Leviticus?" (homosexuality), "How do we respond to the transgender revolution?", "What's a Christian response to the 'green movement'?", "What about animal rights?," "Don't you want progress and to be on the right side of history?", and many more issues.

Each subject is discussed in a concise, two page format. Rather than reading an 85 page technical dissertation about each subject, the book addresses each issue in an easy to read and totally Biblical style.

From my perspective, "Quick Answers to Social Issues" provides help in two primary ways. First, the book gives you a Biblical basis for each issue. Many Christians have an ambiguous position on many of these issues. We know where we stand on an issue, but we can't really articulate it. This book brings clarity to each issue and and allows the reader to grasp a greater understanding of the subject. Second, the book equips the reader in a very effective way to articulate a Biblical position when he/she engages in conversation with a person with a secular perspective.

I also see one additional benefit of this book. Our culture (television, social medial, universities, etc.) poses these questions and provides their secular answers to our children and teenagers. This book provides Christian parents a tool to help "ground" their family in the faith by giving Biblical answers to some of the toughest social issue questions of our day.

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