• Dr. Mike Routt

Proposition 106 on the ballot violates Biblical Teaching

Proposition 106 will legalize physician assisted suicide and reinforce the existing suicide culture in Colorado.  I encourage you to watch the following video (https://vimeo.com/187920038) about Jason and Kara Tippett.  They moved to Colorado several years ago.  After moving here, Kara was diagnosed with cancer.  In 2015, she passed away to heaven.  In this video clip of about 2 minutes, Jason reflects on the life and death of his wife.  It is powerful, and is a reminder that Proposition 106 devalues life and violates Holy Scripture.  I would like to thank a member of CDBC, Jeff Husted, who brought this video to my attention.  I have viewed it, and found it both to be powerful and very moving.  Please click the site above and view the video for yourself.

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