• Dr. Mike Routt


I am writing today to call our church family to prayer for the Afghan people. The radical Islamist Taliban forces have taken over the country of Afghanistan. I, along with so many others, are heartbroken over the reports coming out of the country. Religious freedom is gone. Women and children are at high risk. Persecution of Christians continues. Afghans who supported the US presence in Afghanistan are at serious risk. Thousands of Afghans have been displaced. Girls 12 and over are being taken captive from their homes to be "sex slaves" for Taliban soldiers. So many Afghans are attempting to flee for their lives without success. They are trapped.

For Afghan Christians, their lives are seriously at risk.

One house church leader Pastor Josh Manley a picture of the small room he was hiding in with his family. He wrote: "This is where I am living. We are hidden right now in different areas."

One pastor wrote to Pastor Josh Manley: "I am in physical danger. Not only me, but my family too...because of me."

Another pastor wrote: "We can't go out like normal. It's dangerous. We moved to one of my friend's houses, but it is not safe at all."

Mendy Belz told World magazine that pastors say the Taliban has contacted them, saying they are coming for them.

Just how can you and I pray for the Afghan people?

  1. Pray for GOD to protect Christians in Afghanistan - as well as the non-Christian population.

  2. Pray for Afghan Christians to be spiritually strong. One church leader emailed Pastor Josh Manley: "(Pray) we would "stay strong in the LORD, who is the sovereign King." Another church leader emailed, "Pray for me to be strong in my faith. It is really hard to stay here."

  3. Pray for a supernatural work of GOD in the midst of severe persecution. As we read in the book of Acts, GOD performed mighty works through the lives of believers of the early church.

The resolute faith of Afghan Christians is both inspiring and convicting. One Christian leader told pastor Josh Manley, "We can trust that our LORD is mighty and will care for His children." Another leader declared, "Our hope is not in politics but in JESUS who is the King."

As a church family, please join me in praying fervently for the persecuted people of Afghanistan!

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