• Dr. Mike Routt


I am so grateful to GOD for the men and women who provide leadership for our Sunday morning live-stream!! They serve in so many different roles: technical supervisor, sound board, cameras, slides, video, worship band, and much more. A lot of work is invested by this team even before Sunday morning "happens." When the corona virus hit, which necessitated us going live stream on Sunday mornings, this team "kicked into" high gear. From the time the decision was made on Wednesday, March 11, GOD has used this team in such a remarkable way! I especially appreciated the work of Wessley Stern, who ordered the equipment on Wednesday, March 11 and worked non-stop from Wednesday through Sunday, March 15 to set up live stream capability, ensuring our church family did not miss one Sunday of worship at Redemption Hill!

Recently, we gathered at the front of the worship center to pray before the start of a Sunday morning live stream. As I looked around the that circle, my heart was filled with great gratitude for these dedicated young men and women who play such a vital role in our church's ministry. I was reminded of I Corinthians 12, where Paul writes about the body of CHRIST. How people possess a diversity of gifts. How each gift is unique and important. How the body cannot function effectively unless all the "parts of the body" are functioning together. It was my joy to pray over this wonderful team before the live stream began, expressing gratitude to GOD for the difference each of them continues to make in our church's ministry!

So, this coming Sunday morning, as you tune into our live stream, be assured that our Sunday live stream team is there, providing leadership and fulfilling their calling, serving JESUS and our church family called Redemption Hill with excellence!

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