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Our church's first-ever capital-funding raising campaign, launched in 2003, was called "His Vision-Our Legacy." We emphasized two major ventures: renovate our church building at 801 N. Circle Drive and purchase property for future ministry. GOD's people gave approximately $1 million in 3 years: $200k for renovation and $800k for future property.

At the conclusion of that campaign, three years of fruitless searching transpired before GOD provided a 35 acre tract of property at the corner at Marksheffel and Bradley Roads. In early 2009, GOD timed two events to make this purchase happen. First, we received approximately $450k from the sale of Crestview Baptist Church. Combined with our $800k previously raised, we had $1,250,000 for property. Second, in January 2009, a developer offered us 35 acres for $1,250,000, even though the property appraised at $3,583,000.

In 2010, the Guiding Coalition, a team comprised of members of our church, recommended our church relocate to the new campus. The church voted by a 92% majority to move forward.

In 2011, we began our second capital fund-raising campaign, REACH, to raise funds for our new campus. To date, we have raised $3.9 million. We also have $725,000 in cash and also own our building (about $1.3 million value). So we currently have $5,925,000 in cash and assets.

As you know, we have experienced numerous delays and frustrating roadblocks through the years. Yet, as we have persevered in our walk of faith every step of the way, GOD has guided us. His plan has continually unfolded.

Now we see more clearly by faith GOD's perfect timing for the soon to begin construction of our new campus. Our property now sits right at the "epicenter" of explosive growth. The Trails at Aspen Ridge is a 600 new home development at the corner of Bradley Road and Powers Boulevard. Challenge Homes, owner of 250 acres adjacent to our property, now is on track to begin construction this fall of 2,500 homes right next to our campus. Another development in the vicinity of the church is Bradley Ridge, with 750 new homes. Lorsen Ranch, one mile south on Marksheffel, plans to build at least 3,000 more homes. The Glen at Widefield, two miles south on Marksheffel, plans to build 1,000+ homes. I just found out yesterday that a new 1,800 home development called Corvallis is soon to start constuction, and is located south of Fountaine Boulevard and west of Marksheffel Road, a little over 1 mile from our church.

Let's do the simple math by addition. We are talking about 9,650 homes under construction while our church building is being constructed. And I haven't even begun to discuss new home construction beyond a 2-mile radius.

GOD gave us 35 acres in the "middle of nowhere" in 2009 because He knew a church would be needed to reach the tens of thousands of people who would be moving into these new homes. GOD knew, but we didn't, that this area would explode in growth in 2021. GOD's timing is perfect!

As we continue to move forward by faith, I ask you to do two things: pray and give. First, pray for GOD's wisdom in knowing the exact time to begin construction. Pray for Gordon Construction Company as they make final plans to build. Pray also for the financial provision for the new building. Second, give generously to REACH so that we can enter our new building debt-free. As you know, with the construction boom,

building supplies have increased in cost exponentially. Pray for GOD's faithful provision for our new building!

As I look to the future, I am reminded of this famous quote: OUR FUTURE IS AS BRIGHT AS THE PROMISES OF GOD.

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