• Dr. Mike Routt


I praise our great GOD for our church family's spiritual DNA to make serving JESUS and others a priority! This spirit of servanthood reflects the lifestyle of JESUS, as identified in Mark 10:45: "For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve..." Acts of service open the door wide for gospel conversations. I rejoice in the acts of service demonstrated by our church family during the current corona virus crisis.

Some of the children in our church family recently designed home-made greeting cards for residents of Laurel Manor Care Center, where one of our members, Frank St. Louis, lives. These cards were delivered to the Center last week, along with a beautiful imitation rose for each recipient. The rep for the center expressed sincere gratitude for the cards and flowers.

Our executive pastor, Ross Jagers, his wife Natalie, and their three children, Colton, Rylan, and Merrak invested a lot of time in making personal greeting cards for the residents of The Medalion Retirement Community. I praise GOD for this labor of love!

Our church family also sent a large bin filled with all sorts of drinks and snacks to the Intensive Care Unit staff at Penrose Main last week. These men and women are making great sacrifices to take care of the critically ill, including those who are battling the corona virus. We wanted the staff to know that we love them and appreciate the compassionate service they are giving to those who desperately need their care. One of the members of our church family, Nicholas Rasmussen, works in the ICU unit, and he took the bin to the unit for the employees to enjoy.

Some of the women in our church love to sew! They sewed hundreds of pot holders for the women in the villages we have adopted as our people group in sub-Sahara Africa. Now these women are using their talents to sew facial masks for members of our church family and for members of the Colorado Springs medical community during the ongoing corona virus crisis.

I continually thank GOD for allowing me the privilege of serving as lead pastor of such a wonderful, loving, caring church family that takes seriously the high calling of obedience in serving JESUS by serving other people. I have just listed a few examples! I know other members of our church family are serving others behind the scenes as well. Praise GOD for this wonderful witness! Pray for GOD to use these and other opportunities for serving others to "open doors" to share the good news of the gospel!

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