• Dr. Mike Routt


Circle Drive conducted the annual Vacation Bible School July 12-16.  "Journey off the Map" was the theme.  I am grateful to report VBS attendance increased over last year's event.  Most importantly, when the gospel was presented on Wednesday night, some boys and girls committed their lives to follow JESUS CHRIST. 

I appreciate the leadership of our children's director, Kathy Routt.  I am writing as her supervisor and not as her husband!  GOD used her in a wonderful way administratively to put this year's VBS "together."  She recruited and equipped leaders, ordered every craft item ( a monumental task!), and coordinated all aspects of VBS.  I also appreciate the amazing teachers/officers/workers who all made a difference in serving in so many different capacities.  These wonderful people possess remarkable servant's hearts, and truly demonstrate the reality of making a difference!  And I appreciate our entire church staff, who "jumped in" and served as well.  I am so blessed to serve with such an amazing team.

We conducted a "friendly" competition between boys and girls with this year's VBS offering.  We raised money to purchase blankets for refugees in Nepal and the Middle East.  On the first four nights, VBS attenders gave $497.00.  The guys and gals were tied 2-2.  On our final night, they brought the biggest offering ever - $428.00.  The total was $925.00.  The girls offering "weight wise" exceeded the boys.  So, as a result of winning, the staff wives, Kathy Routt, Natalie Jagers, and Kristine Taylor, plastered their husbands with a Lemon Meringue Pie.  Us guys took a cruel blow from our spouses.  Since I don't particularly like deserts, I requested a substitute of a well-done rib-eye steak or a bag of potato chips, but my request was denied!

I praise our great GOD for His wonderful blessings upon this year's VBS, Journey Off the Map!   Can't wait for next year's VBS - Submerged!

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