• Dr. Mike Routt


No. Sorry. I'm not making reference to a physical gathering at our Redemption Hill Church building for this Sunday's Easter service. We can't do that! I am challenging our members to use social media to invite friends, family, anyone, and everyone to view the live stream of our Easter worship service this Sunday morning at 10:15 am. Let me encourage you to use your Facebook account, your Instagram account, your email account, and any other "account," to encourage people to "attend" this coming Sunday at Redemption Hill. Be sure to tell them how: www.rhccs.org or RHC app.

Members of the Harvest Christian Fellowship in southern California are definitely using social media to "invite people to worship." This mega-church, which averages 12,000 per week, is meeting only on-line during the state-wide stay at home requirement. Look at these stats. Before the COVID-19 crisis, around 8,000 people viewed their live stream service. When they went exclusively online (because of the stay at home order), the first week 250,00 people viewed their live stream. The following week 350,000 tuned in, and the one after 634,000. Last Sunday, they had 1.2 million people watching ("attending") their livestream. But, most importantly, they have seen over 21,000 people indicate their desire to put their faith in JESUS CHRIST for salvation.

Because of the corona virus crisis, we are having to do "church" in different and creative ways. We still need to reach out! The Great Commission hasn't been altered by COVID-19. So let's use our social media to invite people to our Redemption Hill's Easter worship service this Sunday!


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