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During yesterday morning's Zoom church conference call, I shared details about last Tuesday's church staff/leadership team meeting, when we discussed the specifics of re-gathering. So here is a review of that information:

We will be mailing out a letter this week to our church family in regard to re-starting public worship.You should receive your letter by Saturday, May 16. On Tuesday, May 19, our church staff will begin calling church members to see (1) if they are coming back, and, if so, (2) which worship service they wish to attend. FYI, if we have too many select one specific worship service, we may have to ask for volunteers to attend the other worship service.

The letter will contain the information I am sharing with you today.Here are some details:

· We will have two public worship services on Sunday morning: 9:15 am and 10:45 am.

· We will abide by the current rules of (1) no handshaking, (2) no hugging, and (3) 6 feet social distancing.

· Due to social distancing concerns, we will not be able to provide nursery, preschool, or children’s ministry during the worship services – until the social distancing rule is discontinued.

· During the worship service, we will not be passing an offering plate. For those who attend who wish to give, these persons can drop their tithe and offering in several designated and easily identifiable areas of the church building. For those who decide not to come back for a while, they can continue to drop off their donation at the church building, mail it in at 124 Delaware Drive, C/S, CO 80909, give online at www.rhccs.org/give,or the RHC app.

· We will need to tweak our public invitation.We will not be inviting people to “come forward.” During the invitation, we will encourage people who want to make spiritual decisions to go to specifically designated rooms, where they can meet with trained altar counselors.

· When attenders enter the worship center, they will notice that some seats have been removed and others have been “spaced out.”

· When the worship services conclude, we are requesting people leave the building and visit outdoors. This request is especially important for those who attend the 9:15 am worship service, as we will need to do some cleaning before the 10:45 am worship service attenders arrive.

· We will be doing some cleaning between the 9:15 am service and 10:45 am service.

· We encourage you to “space out” when you enter the parking lot. Make sure you do not park in a “crowded” area.

· As you already know, we will not be able to have 9:00 am Sunday morning Life Groups for the indefinite future.

· AWANA does not meet on Sunday nights from June – August. Wednesday night activities also are not held during June-July because of vacations, etc. Hopefully, by August or September, life can begin to get back to normal!

The Governor of Colorado will host a conference call with church leaders on Tuesday. Hopefully we can gain some important info about when we can re-gather.

Our church staff/leadership team looks forward to the day when we can re-gather! We have so missed our church family! We pray all of you continue to be safe and enjoy good health!!

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