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I need for you, our church family, to pray earnestly for a “virtual” meeting our Executive Pastor, Ross Jagers, and I have scheduled with our builder, Tony Gordon, next Tuesday, August 4 at 1:00 pm, as we talk with city officials about our building project on our 35-acre property at the southwest corner of Bradley and Marksheffel Roads. The city is requiring us to do between 1 ½ and 2 million dollars of “extra work” in order for us to construct our building.

Specifically, here are three requests:

1. Pray the city will waive their demand that we make drainage improvements to Jimmy Camp Creek. The estimated cost for this project is $900,000.

2. Pray the city will delay their requirement for a four- lane road leading to and from our property. We would like to construct a 2-lane access road to our property. When the developer of the 250 acres adjacent to our property begins to develop his property, then we would work with him in constructing “our part” of the road. Development of this property is years ahead.

3. Pray the city will delay their requirement for a sidewalk in front of our property (parallel to Bradley Road), as well as curb and gutter requirements. Like #2, this project can be done when the developer of the 250 acres develops his property.

One year ago, when our builder met with an official of the city, he received permission to proceed with the development of our property without these requirements. When he brought the final drafts to the city just recently, a new official reversed the previous decision, and re-instated these three requirements.

So please pray for our meeting! R. A. Torrey once said, “Prayer is the key that unlocks all the storehouses of GOD’s infinite grace and power. All that GOD is, and all that GOD has, is at the disposal of the pray-er. But we must use the key.”

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