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Hello, RHC Church family!

I am so thankful GOD has given me the incredible privilege and joy of being the “Shepherd” of Redemption Hill Church. Because of my love and care for our church family, and putting all “editorial comments aside,” I want to share with you some details that I hope are helpful as we experience the coronavirus threat. Keep this statement in mind: There is a huge difference between a “spirit of fear” and using sound judgment.

First and foremost, if you have any ongoing medical issues, you certainly must exercise caution. This list includes older adults and those who suffer from chronic medical conditions (e.g., heart disease, diabetes, respiratory illnesses). For you, the coronavirus can be life-threatening. If you have chosen to remain at home for the next few weeks, and have need of some necessities, you can call the church office. We would be delighted to serve you in any way that we can.

Second, if you are healthy, you can remain healthy by using common sense. Here are some helpful suggestions:

Wash your hands frequently with soap and water (20 seconds minimum);

When you fill your car with gasoline, use a paper towel to hold the gas nozzle (paper towel used in wiping windshields);

Avoid touching your face, nose and eyes;

Wash your hands after handling money. Paper money is made of cotton, an absorbable surface that can get wet. The new coronavirus can potentially stay active on it for up to 9 days;

When entering a building with a handicapped pad to enter a building, touch it with your knuckle rather than opening the door via the doorknob with your hand;

When eating out, be sure to wash your hands after touching and using the menu (studies have shown menus are almost as dirty as the floor you walk on);

Clean and disinfect your home to remove germs. Practice routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces (e.g., tables, doorknobs, light switches, handles, toilets, faucets, sinks and cell phones). You can use bleach or Lysol. With cell phones, it’s best to use something like a Wet Wipe;

When you come home for the day, you can change clothes. Put your “work clothes” in the laundry room, and put on your “home clothes.”

At Redemption Hill, we look forward to gathering this Sunday morning for Bible study and worship. If you have any on-going health issues, and are concerned about coming into contact with the coronavirus in a public setting, you can decide whether or not to attend. You certainly have our love and prayer support!

In Luke 12:31, GOD’s Word reminds us, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” If a person is healthy and contracts coronavirus, he/she is going to be sick, but is going to recover. But if, having just “caught” the virus, and not showing any symptoms of the coronavirus, if he/she comes into contact with an older person or a person whose immune system is not as strong, then he/she is putting that person’s life at risk by unknowingly exposing that person to the coronavirus.

Let’s also be in prayer for those who are facing economic challenges during the coronavirus: servers at restaurants, uber and cab drivers, pilots and flight attendants, small business owners, etc. Let’s pray for our government leaders – for GOD to give them wisdom during these days.

Let’s also be a witness during this coronavirus “crisis.” Many people are filled with fear. Others are literally panicking. We have a great opportunity to present to an unbelieving world a powerful testimony of our relationship with JESUS and how His peace eliminates all fear in our lives.

I love you, church family! Be safe! Use sound judgment!

Dr. Mike

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