• Dr. Mike Routt


The coronavirus situation has caused us to "think outside the box" in regard to the two weeks we are not meeting. Our church staff/leadership team wants to offer these suggestions.

Since families will not be engaged in any discipleship opportunities inside our church building for the next 2 weeks, and because of the great need for all of us to continue to grow in our faith, you are invited to go to www.ThreeThirtyMinistries.org/family-devotions to get 85 free family devotions produced by Kolby King. If you recall, Kolby and his family have been in our church on 2 occasions for Sunday morning worship. According to Kolby, "These were written with the idea of engaging everyone in the family at the same time—from the youngest child to the oldest adult. These are short, fun and interactive for the purpose of showing parents that they can discuss spiritual truth at home."

Although we have canceled all activities for the next two weeks, our financial obligations continue. You can continue to give your tithes and offerings through our Redemption Hill Church app, or give online at our website www.rhccs.org, or drop your contribution off at the church building on Monday-Thursday from 9:00-5:00 or Friday from 9:00-1:00. We praise GOD for your obedience to the Word of GOD and your support of the ministries of Redemption Hill.

This "national emergency" also gives us an "unprecedented" opportunity to witness of our faith in JESUS through our lives and our spoken word. People are afraid. We are not! Let's allow GOD's peace in our lives be an unspoken witness. But let us also verbalize our witness. We have a unique opportunity to tell people about the saving grace of JESUS CHRIST. We also have a wonderful opportunity to serve others in this time of crisis. Let's do it for JESUS' sake!

Finally, please continue to pray for GOD to give wisdom to our church staff/leadership team as we navigate through these difficult days. We are here to serve JESUS and you. Let us know of any need you or any other member of our church family might have right now.

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