• Dr. Mike Routt

Harvest Festival a Wonderful, GOD-blessed Success

I praise GOD for CDBC'S Harvest Festival, which was held at our new 35 acre property at the southwest corner of Marksheffel and Bradley Roads this past Sunday.  We started at 2:00 pm (actually some people arrived at 1:45 pm), and concluded at 5:00 pm.  The event was amazing.  Everything was free for our church family and families in our community.  We had food, inflatables, a whole assortment of fun games, a very popular hay ride, and also gave away lots of candy (of course)!  It was quite a remarkable sight to see so many children and their parents, most of whom I did not know.  We estimated our attendance by cars.  With 212 parked cars, if the average was 3 persons per car (and that is the lowest estimate), then we had an attendance of 636.  If the average was 4 persons per car, then we had an attendance of 848.

I am so grateful to GOD for a wonderful leadership team.  Kathy Routt served as the event organizer/coordinator.  Our church staff also served in various capacities.  I am also grateful for so many of our church members who volunteered their time to serve in so many ways.  GOD certainly gets the glory for this event, but He did use a lot of people in an amazing way so that this event could be such a huge success.

I am also excited to report that Janet Jenks and others shared the gospel with at least 33 persons at "The Way of the Master" tent.  I so appreciate Janet and those who served alongside of her, sharing the good news of the gospel!

The success of the Harvest Festival reminded us all once again of the remarkable potential of our future re-located church campus.  To GOD be the glory!


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Colorado Springs, CO



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