• Dr. Mike Routt

Extravagant Generosity

The title of this post defines our church family! The people of GOD called Redemption Hill display their love for JESUS through a variety of ways, including their desire to help those members of our church family who face challenging times financially.

Last Sunday, I announced the requests for financial assistance from members of our church exceeded our balance in the designated benevolent line item in the budget. So what did our church family do? They gave $8,638.00. I was thrilled but not surprised. One aspect of our church's spiritual DNA is generosity. It is one of our core values.

We will be able to meet the needs of those who have requested financial assistance, and then have additional funds available for future needs. One of the many reasons I love our church family is their extravagant generosity!


124 Delaware Drive

Colorado Springs, CO



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