• Dr. Mike Routt


I just received word from Stephanie (Swigart) Christian that more than enough signatures have been secured to place Initiative 120 on the November ballot. Currently and tragically, Colorado is one of only a few states that allows abortion for any reason up until birth with no restrictions. It is time to enact a 22 week abortion ban and put an end to late-term abortion in our state. According to a recent Gallop poll, 74% of Americans believe that there should be limitations on abortion.

Here is a statement from Lauren Castillo, spokesperson for the Due Date Too Late Campaign:

“This has been an historic day for the Due Date Too Late team and the volunteers across the state of Colorado. There has been an incredible amount of bi-partisan support for Initiative 120. Today we handed in 48,329 signatures, nearly 5 times the amount needed, during this cure period. We are thankful to everyone who has dedicated their time to making this step towards saving lives and ending late term abortion a reality."


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