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Decision America Tour with Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham, President of Samaritan's Purse, and son of Dr. Billy Graham, is coming to Colorado on March 15.  He will speak on the State Capitol West Steps in Denver at 12:00 pm (noon).  Some members of our staff are going to attend.  I am sharing this information with you in the event you also would like to attend.  

If you can attend, go to www.DecisionAmericaTour.com and click "Driving Directions" and "Specifics on public parking around the state capital."  Dr. Graham has released information about his trip.  Here it is:

Dear Friend,

America is in trouble, and GOD is our only hope.  We must confess our sins as individuals - and as a nation - and call on Him to heal our land (II Chronicles 7:14).  This is the challenge I will issue in all 50 states in 2016 through the Decision America Tour.  At each stop I will be challenging Christians to pray fervently and boldly live out their faith at home, in public, and at the ballot box.  I will also share the Gospel which has the power to change hearts and lives.  Make plans to join me at your state capital - and bring others with you!  Let's stand together in prayer for our nation.


Franklin Graham

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