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There is an old Walt Disney movie starring Dick Van Dyke titled "Never A Dull Moment." I think that title would be appropriate for our total campus relocation project! We've had more twists and turns than the roads up in the mountains!

As you probably already know, just when we were set to reach the final stages toward site preparation, Challenge Homes "threw us a curve" when they announced their plans to develop and build homes adjacent to our church property. There had been absolutely no movement on their property in years.

Oh well!

So, Challenger Homes continues to move forward with their development plan. As a result, the city is requiring us to make changes to our plan that would align with Challenger's. Our site development engineers have been communicating with Challenger Homes in order to have designed a cohesive plan. So we continue the process of re-submitting our development plan.

Good news. Since we have been delayed, funding for Bliss Road has been provided. Because we were (are) technically designated "co-developers," we were required at one time to pay for half of Bliss Road leading up to the entrance of our property. No more. So we have saved $500,000.

Speaking of money, we have raised $4,124,865.67 through our REACH campaign. We have $725,000 from the sale of our property at 801 N. Circle. We purchased our current church building for $1,050,000 (and the former owner had to spend $400,000 for a new roof and 19 new HVAC units on the roof). An appraiser told me two weeks ago that the market value of our building is at the very least $1.5 million. So GOD has blessed us with cash and assets of $6,349,865.67. We are projecting we will have an additional $570,000 given to REACH by the time we enter the new facility. That additional cash would get us to almost $7 million. So keep praying and keep giving!

Famed missionary William Carey once declared, "The future is as bright as the promises of GOD." With a projected 10,000 homes to be built in the next 5 years within a 3 mile radius of our church campus, that quote is our theme as well! To GOD be the glory!

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