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Yesterday, I led a zoom conference call with members of our church family. It was my first time to lead zoom - and it was definitely a learning experience! Hopefully next week's zoom will go more smoothly!! Here is some information I shared that you might find helpful:

1.How long will the church not meet for worship/activities? The answer is "indefinite." That is, we will continue to gauge the coronavirus crisis. We will definitely keep our church family updated as we move forward.

2.How can the church family stay connected during this crisis. You can download our app at rhccs.org/rhcapp; You can follow us on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/redemptionhillchurch.cs; You can follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/redemptionhillchurch.cs; You can listen to our podcast by searching for "Hope 6035" on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. We are also streaming Hope 6035 live on Wednesday through our Facebook page linked above.

3. How is our church family helping others through this crisis? We have provided a donation for $1,000 to The Marion House and $1,000 to Colorado Springs Food Rescue to help provide food for people and families who are in crisis. We are also moving $2,500 from our church's general account to the designated Benevolence Line Item to prepare us for church members who might need financial assistance as a result of loss of employment/wages due to the coronavirus crisis.

3. How is the church's ministry continuing during this crisis? Thanks to our Production Team, we are live streaming our 10:15 am worship services. You can watch on line or on your Redemption Hill phone app. I am also hosting a weekly Zoom conference call with church members - to keep everyone updated. Our church staff has contacted our widows, widowers, and shut-ins to talk and pray with them - as well as to discover any needs. I personally plan to begin calling all members of our church family to see how everyone is doing, discover any needs "out there," and to pray for our families! Our staff members are staying in touch with families under their ministries: Dawn Stern and pre-school families; Kathy Routt and children's families; and Ross Jagers and student families.

4. We are also encouraging our entire church family "to be the church" outside the four walls of our building. Let's help people. Let's share the good news of the gospel - the hope found only in JESUS.

One Christian leader said: "Every crisis in our world is an open door to show GOD's love. While the current environment around the nation is one of fear, GOD is in control. Now, more than ever, is an opportunity for the Church to outside the darkness and serve people in their pain."

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