• Dr. Mike Routt

A Tribute to Dr. Jack Johnson

On behalf of our church family at Circle Drive, I extend our love, sympathy and prayer support to Mary Johnson and her children, Joy and Jack (and their families), in the passing of Dr. Jack Johnson.  You may click this link to read Baptist Press' tribute to Dr. Johnson:  http://www.bpnews.net/48452/jack-b-johnson-last-rtvc-president-dies-at-82

Dr. Jack Johnson served as the interim pastor of Circle Drive prior to my coming as lead pastor.  Mary and he were greatly loved by our church family.  Dr. Johnson was a great encourager and supporter to me and my family.  He was a godly man of wisdom who possessed vast knowledge in regard to the ministry of the local church.  I sought out Dr. Johnson on many occasions to gain wisdom and insight in regard to decision-making.

In deciding to move closer to their daughter, Jack and Mary moved to the Las Vegas, Nevada metro area years ago. They continued to remain involved in local church ministry.

As you read the Baptist Press article, you will see the scope and influence of the life and ministry of Dr. Jack Johnson. Be sure to pray for his life's partner and best friend, Mary, as well as the family

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