• Dr. Mike Routt

A Tribute to Annie Winkelmann - "Miss Annie"

On behalf of our church family at Redemption Hill, I extend my love, sympathy, and prayer support to Ann Winkelmann and her extended family in the passing of her mother, Annie.  She "passed away to heaven" on Friday, September 28 at the age of 98. 

Annie was born November 4, 1919.  She was married to her husband, O.W., for over 70 years.  She also worked with her husband in their construction business through the years.  They were "quite the team," and enjoyed sharing stories of their experiences together.

Annie joined membership at Redemption Hill (formerly Circle Drive) on September 25, 1988, moving her membership from Riverside Baptist Church in Denver.  For many years, she served faithfully as our nursery director.  GOD used her in a wonderful way to invest in the lives of our "little ones," many of whom are now married with their own children!  O.W. and Annie were lifelong followers of JESUS, and attended church services and events faithfully through their years of membership, until their health began to decline.

I want also to express my appreciation to fellow members Kay and Kara Marcus, who have faithfully visited, sang to, and prayed with Annie throughout her homebound years.  Annie was always blessed and encouraged by their visits!

Please be sure to remember Ann in prayer.  There will not be a memorial service.

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