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Yesterday morning I led the second church-wide Zoom conference call. I shared some information, and invited church staff/leadership team members to give a report of on-line opportunities they are providing. I’ll compile the information from them and provide a list for you in another blog this week. But, for this blog, he is a review of that meeting.

As you already know, Governor Polis has issued a “stay at home” order for Colorado. But churches can continue to provide live streaming of their Sunday morning services because the Church provides an “essential service” to the community. Bill Runyan, liaison with the Colorado governor, stated, “I do know for sure that pastors and staff have the green light to go to their facilities and record content so it can be used online. We would ask that you practice social distancing with the others on your team while doing it.”

I do want to say a very special thank you to our Tech team and our worship band, who have been absolutely amazing during this crisis. And I am grateful for our church staff/leadership team and their ministry to our church family!

As you know, this crisis in our nation/world is unprecedented. We can’t look at past models to set a strategic plan for the future. We are basically planning each day at a time, responding to news we are receiving it. So, we will continue NOT to meet at the church building until further notice.

Here are some future plans:

1. We are currently working on a live stream for a Good Friday service for Friday, April 10 at 6:00 pm.

As you know, we annually have a time for worship music and a brief message before we partake of the LORD’s Supper. Since we cannot meet, we will provide on-line worship music and a brief message. Then our Executive Pastor, Ross Jagers, and I will lead our church family in observing the LORD’s Supper right there in the safety of your own home. You can use any type of bread and grape juice (if you have any). If you don’t, you might want to get a little creative. The most important aspect of the observance of the LORD’s Supper is not the perfect elements, but it is remembering the significance of JESUS’ death on the cross in our place for our sins.

2. We are in the early stages of seeing if we could put together a “Drive In” Easter Sunrise Service at our 35 acre campus. Some churches in the south have held “drive-in services, utilizing a FM radio frequency to communicate with people who show up. We don’t know if we can “pull this off,” but we are investigating. People would drive to the property, park their vehicles, tune to the specific FM frequency, and enjoy some worship music and a brief message. On the other hand, given the severity of the Corona virus, we do not want to “alarm” our neighbors down south. We want to be prayer about any possible concern.

This past Saturday, Governor Polis had a conference call with “religious leaders” from across the state. When someone asked him about having a drive-in service, he said it would be fine. He did say it would also have to get the approval of the local authorities.

So we are investigating to see if we can make this event “happen,” yet also want to make sure we do not alarm our neighbors. I’ll give an update on this coming Sunday morning’s zoom conference call.

3. I am leading a 30-minute prayer gathering for church family and friends via Zoom, beginning this Wednesday night at 7:00 pm. I am inviting members of our church family to join me as we pray for our church family, our community, and our world. You may also share prayer requests. I will send a link to as many as possible. If you do not receive the link and would like to "attend," contact Lori Cantwell at lcantwell@rhccs.org.

4. Church staff members are now working from home. If you need to get in touch with a staff member, please call that person’s cell phone.

5. For those of you who want to give your tithe/offering to the church, you can do so in four ways:

· We have a mail slot at the front entrance of our building on Delaware Drive. The slot is to the right of the two double doors. Our mail is dropped through the slot daily. So, if you desire, you can drop off your contribution at any time of the day;

· You can mail your contribution to Redemption Hill Church, 124 Delaware Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80909;

· You can give on-line at rhccs.org/give;

· You can give on our Redemption Hill App.

For your information, we are using some funds to help others

during this corona virus crisis:

· We gave a donation of $1,000 to Colorado Springs Food Rescue;

· We gave a donation of $1,000 to The Marion House;

· We gave a donation of $2,500 to Ponderosa Retreat and Conference Center; and

· We transferred $2,500 from the general account to benevolence for members of our church who are in financial crisis.

I am so thankful to report that no members/attenders of Redemption Hill Church have the Corona virus.

I know we are at home for the most part. But let’s all think and pray about how we can make a difference for the Kingdom of GOD during this season of crisis in our nation. People are much more open to talk about spiritual matters.

Finally, let’s pray for this crisis to be the imputus for revival in the lives of Christians and spiritual awakening for our country.

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