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I am currently meeting with 4 guys for Bible Study on Thursday mornings from 6:00-7:00 am. We are studying Dr. Henry Blackaby’s “Experiencing GOD.” This week we began unit 7: The Crisis of Belief.

Here is a quote from page 109:

“When GOD invites you to join Him in His work, He has a GOD-sized assignment for you. You will realize that you cannot do it on your own. If GOD doesn’t help you, you will fail. This is the crisis point where many decide not to follow what they sense GOD is leading them to do. Then they wonder why they do not experience GOD’s presence and activity the way other Christians do."

Through the spiritual journey of pursuing the vision GOD gave us years ago, He has been faithful thus far to guide and and enable us as a church family to realize the fulfillment of a major part of that vision.

· We raised money through the His Vision/Our Legacy campaign to purchase property for future ministry from 2004-2007. Plus, members of Crestview Baptist Church joined membership, and gave the sale of the assets of their church building and property for the purchase of property for future ministry.

· In 2009, GOD gave us a 35 acre tract of property for $1,250,000. We paid cash! The property appraised for $3,583,000.

· In 2010, GOD led us to vote to relocate our campus. We began a capital fund-raising campaign in 2011 to realize that vision. It was called REACH.

· In 2015, GOD led us to put our campus at 801 N. Circle Drive on the market.

· In 2018, after almost 3 years, GOD, in His perfect timing, gave us a buyer for the property.

· As a result of our obedience to GOD’s plan, the Hispanic Church that now meets at 801 N. Circle Drive has exploded in growth, reaching 1,500 Hispanic people in that neighborhood and beyond every week. They are reaching the very people that we weren’t.

· In 2018, GOD gave us the building at 124 Delaware Drive. We paid $1,050,000 in cash. It was move-in ready!!!

· We have been so blessed thus far to have incurred no debt throughout this GOD-sized vision.

· Now we are seeking to raise the money necessary to enter our new church building debt-free. It is a GOD-sized task! We cannot do it. It is estimated we will have $5,800,000 on hand for the building, which is projected to cost $7,300,000.

· We are believing GOD to give us the money from givers within the church and also outside the church that will enable us to enter our new church building debt-free. It is going to take a MIRACLE. So that is where GOD comes in!

In the Experiencing GOD Bible Study (page 111), the crisis of belief contains 4 realities:

1. An encounter with GOD requires faith.

2. Encounters with GOD are GOD-sized.

3. What you do in response to GOD’s revelation (invitation) reveals what you believe about GOD.

4. True faith requires actions.

Throughout the many years of the unfolding of GOD’s vision for our church family, we have met every challenge with faith. AND GOD HAS BEEN FAITHFUL! So let’s continue to move forward by faith, trusting GOD to use us and others to provide another miracle – entering our new building debt-free for the glory of GOD.

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