• Dr. Mike Routt

2017 Thanksgiving Feast

CDBC observed the 30th annual Thanksgiving Feast today.  We opened our doors, and invited the community to come in for a free meal, along with the opportunity to get a free coat, gloves, hat/cap, etc.  Today 492 people were served.  I appreciate all who served, and am especially thankful for our event coordinator, Lori Cantwell, who did such an amazing job!

Our Circle Drive church family served in so many ways:  cooking turkeys, bringing in mashed potato mix, sweet potatoes, dressing mix, green beans, cranberries.  So  many people donated coats for infants, pre-schoolers, children, and adults, as well as gloves, hats, etc.  A large contingent of our church family served today:  greeting, providing music, security, carving turkeys, preparing and serving pies, cooking the food very early this morning, preparing plates for our guests, table set-up and tear down, serving drinks, serving people who looked for coats, gloves and hats, and so much more.  I love our church family so much because they love serving JESUS and others! That love was on display today in a most remarkable way.

Today was also our last Thanksgiving Feast.  As you already know, our buildings/land at 801 N. Circle Drive is currently under contract.  We will be moving into our transitional facility on January 1.  During the feast today, I thought of the thousands of lives that have been touched by this ministry through the years.  Some who served in years past are now in heaven.  It has been a remarkable ministry!  It started out as a vision by our pastor emeritus, Dr. Lewis Adkison.  It was initially named, "Operation Outside of Ourselves."

As I type my last report for the Thanksgiving Feast, and as I think of all that GOD has accomplished through this ministry the past 30 years, I am reminded of these familiar words, "To GOD be the glory, great things He has done!"

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